Alternative Education Programs

What Can Alternative Education Programs Offer to You?

At Seaview Equine Learning Facility, we offer a range of programs designed to provide exceptional support to each person who visits our location and our horses. We offer unmounted programs that fit into the Equine Assisted Learning model. That is, these programs can help you to learn and grow with the help of our horses. It’s one of the most fascinating experiences you’ll find.

Why Choose Horses for Therapy?

Our alternative education programs are based on science and understanding of horses. What many people don’t know is that horses mirror the actions, reactions, and emotions of people. During our Equine Assisted Learning program, you’ll find that these animals seem to understand and may be more capable of meeting your unique needs.

These types of alternative education programs provide real results. You are not going to learn horsemanship or how to ride here. Rather, you will gain experiential improvements. This includes insights into problem-solving, leadership, and nonverbal communications. You’ll learn about creative thinking and how to take responsibility for yourself. You may even feel that the horses are helping to boost your self-esteem and overall well being.

These horses can demonstrate and teach so much – self-awareness, assertiveness, and even trust. They are also able to help you understand how to forgive, grow, and change in the ways that are important to you. For many people, this type of Equine Assisted Learning is rewarding, and it feels great.

Why Choose Seaview Equine Learning Facility for Your Needs

Our alternative education programs are private. They are not open to the public. They are also State of New Jersey approved. You will grow and learn through a range of therapy options based on what’s right for your situation. Our team has created a beautiful, natural space where you can come and spend time with our horses in a relaxing environment. The pressure is off here, but the learning and growth can continue in new and exciting ways.

We welcome individuals and groups. We work with people facing all types of challenges and learning methods. Our organization is also based on The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association model. That can give you confidence in the quality of the care you will receive within our programs, no matter which is right for you.

As the State of New Jersey approved, more people may qualify for using our programs to help them with their unique needs. To determine if this works for you, and can meet your goals, reach out to our team today at Seaview Equine Learning Facility. Let us help you to see the range of services we offer, how they work, and how you can get involved in them.