Equine Assisted Therapy

Is Equine Assisted Therapy Right for You?

For many people, traditional talk therapy is not enough. They need more understanding and opportunities to open up and connect with others. One way you may be able to accomplish this is through equine assisted therapy or equine assisted psychotherapy. These two types of treatment are designed to use horses to help with human psychological disorders and needs. At Seaview Equine Learning Facility, we specialize in providing our clients with exceptional access to programs that matter.

Could This Therapy Help You?

Many people may benefit from equine assisted therapy. You may, if you have had injuries that lead to long-term chronic pain or discomfort. People with Down syndrome and multiple sclerosis may benefit from this type of therapy. Those who have experienced trauma and addiction may also find some level of peace and support in these treatment programs.

While this type of therapy does not replace traditional talk therapy or other methods of healing, it can help to offer an alternative way to address these areas of therapy. Our equine assisted psychotherapy may help you to open up and feel more comfortable with expressing your thoughts and emotions. You may love the way horses seem to connect with you and provide you with a way to get through the hardships you are facing.

As a type of experiential therapy, both equine assisted therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy are powerful tools that focus on healing and wellbeing. These experiences happen in a natural setting that’s very private. It is beautiful here, and you’ll find that you are welcome to be a part of these programs no matter what you are struggling with right now.

Learn more about our therapies by reaching out to Seaview Equine Learning Facility. Explore the ways we can help you.